Day: December 13, 2017

Review of ‘Not Without Risk’

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Martin Bennett works behind the scenes for a property development scheme in Liverpool. A former climber, he’s overweight and out of shape, and has had a stroke. After seeing a doctor, he runs into an old mate, John Hardin, at the hospital. When he sees Hardin murdered on an escalator, and when he later learns that Hardin was involved with a drug gang and that his body was hastily cremated, he feels compelled to investigate.

In the process of digging into his friend’s murder, Bennett becomes involved with corrupt politicians, crooked cops, and a list of possible suspects a mile long. He forms a partnership with an out-of-favor aide of the crooked mayor, and a roller coaster of intrigue and danger puts both their lives at risk. The clock is ticking as they dig deeper and deeper into the mire of corruption, leading to a stunning climax. Nothing they do is without risk, and he is faced constantly with the question; is it worth it?

Not Without Risk by Pete Trewin is a bumpy read—not, though, in a negative sense. Through actions, dialogue, and well-placed flashbacks, the reader is introduced to an eclectic cast of characters and an exquisitely crafted plot that pulls you ever deeper into Bennett’s oddball existence, piquing your curiosity with every sentence.

I received a free copy of this book; a definite five-star read.