Day: October 31, 2017

Review of ‘Tyranny of Secrets’

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When talented computer scientist Mariana McAllister is recruited into the dark side of a small computer company, she’s assigned to manipulate an election in the UK. Later, along with her former lover, Sander Bonham, a privacy activist, she learns that her code is being used to steal the US presidential election, and Sander is in the crosshairs of a government assassin to keep him from exposing the dastardly plot. Mariana and Sander then go on the run, trying to stay one step ahead of squads of killers while they also try to shine light on the dark machinations of a shadowy group known as the Politburo.

Tyranny of Secrets by John Statton is fiction, but, given the events surrounding the 2016 US presidential election, could very well have been cribbed from daily headlines. Eerily suspenseful and packed with action from start to finish, this book will make you hesitate the next time you log onto the Internet or even use an ATM. A chilling indictment of government’s intrusion into our private lives and the control exerted by the powerful and wealthy over our daily lives.

This is one that, once you start reading, you will not be able to put it down until you finish, and after you stop reading, you won’t be able to stop thinking about.

I give this one five stars.