Day: October 27, 2017

Review of ‘The Falcon Rises’

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With her tribe in turmoil, attempting to regain their homeland, and her twin sister missing, Nefert, queen of one of the tribes of Egypt’s desert, must use all her wits to secure assistance from the Egyptians, and their devious queen, Tiye. When Nefert learns Tiye’s true aim, she realizes that it will take all that she has to win, and survive, and to take her rightful place as Queen Nefertiti, sharing the throne of Egypt with Amenhotep.

The Falcon Rises is book 2 in the Desert Queen series by M. L. Bullock, chronicling the journey of Nefertiti during a pivotal era in Egypt’s history. This narrative provides a fictional account of the intervals between the chronicled history of Egypt’s royal dynasties, in a credible and authentic manner. This look behind the scenes and between the sheets will keep your attention riveted from the first page to the last.

I give this book five stars.