Day: October 23, 2017

Review of ‘Lionslayer’s Woman’

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After machinations by a thwarted suitor, an imperial purge leaves a stoic philosopher and his servants dead, and his wife and younger daughter held captive. The oldest daughter, Galeria, and her Parthian slave, Cyra, are determined to rescue them, a seemingly impossible task, until they are joined by Nexus, a former slave, devastated by the death of his lover, and Decaneus, a Dacian warrior, given the name Leonis after he slew a lion with his bare hands. Together, these four go up against the might of imperial Rome and overcome the barriers of sex and status in a story that will give you new insights into the so-called grandeur of ancient Rome.

Lionslayer’s Woman by Nhys Glover is a book that I categorize as multi-genre. It’s historical fiction at its best, an adventure story from start to finish, and a rough and tumble romance novel, that shows the barbarity of Rome, a level of viciousness that at times rivaled the barbarian kingdoms on its borders. Four amazing main characters who come to terms with each other and themselves during the course of their adventures, and a well-developed cast of supporting characters, inhabit a universe and act out a theme that is, in a word, captivating.

I give it five stars.