Day: October 22, 2017

Review of ‘Resist the Machine’

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Clara Spinner is a 16-year-old Compassionate, a resident of the utopian nation of Avantica, half of what was once the United States. Avantica is at war with the Liberty United Democracy, or L.U.D., which is the other half. The two nations are polar opposites. L.U.D. believes in liberty and freedom based on wealth, but wallows in poverty and the immense divide between rich and poor, while Avantica is made up of genetically engineered citizens, each assigned a role in life before being ‘awakened.’ Clara, though, has flaws. She questions her role and status, hates her job, and has to hide these flaws or she will be classified defective and exiled to a certain death.

Resist the Machine by C. D. Verhoff is book one in the dystopian Avant Nation series. It follows Clara as she discovers the reason behind her divergent behavior, and begins to question the very foundations of her way of life. Though set in a distant, and dystopian future, this novel mirrors some of the divisions that currently exist in American politics and culture—exaggerated, but, not by much.
An interesting and intriguing read.

I give it four stars.