Day: October 21, 2017

Review of ‘Autobiography of Howard Hughes’

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Reclusive billionaire, Howard Hughes, is one of the most famous, and little-known men of the 20th century. Tycoon, recluse, filmmaker, and aviator, more myths have been circulated about Hughes than the ‘Flying Dutchman.’ Clifford Irving’s Autobiography of Howard Hughes: Confessions of an Unhappy Billionaire purports to be Hughes’ life story, told in his own words. While the veracity of this account cannot be definitely established, it rings true, and is not just a story of Howard Hughes, but a series of untold stories of many other luminaries in American history during the period of Hughes life.

Whether you chose to believe this account or not is irrelevant, it is mesmerizing reading. A new, and somewhat disturbing look at the lives and times of some of the most well-known personalities in politics, entertainment and business, that will challenge everything you think you know.

I give it four stars.