Day: October 5, 2017

Review of ‘The Last Deception’

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Former assassin Leine Basso left the world of lies and deception and went to work for the organization, Stop Human Enslavement Now (SHEN). But, when she gets a call from a friend working in a refugee camp in a war zone, she’s plunged into a world that’s even more deadly and devious—she uncovers a plan that could plunge the world into war. When her friend is killed, the mission becomes personal, and she will spare nothing to avenge her, and stop a dastardly plot.

The Last Deception by D V Berkom is a different Leine Basso thriller. Leine is not called upon to find and eliminate individual enemies, but is up against a cabal of powerful people for whom no act is too low, and who will do anything to advance their plans. If you’ve ever read Berkom’s Leine Basso books, this one will come as a surprise, but a pleasant one, as it shows our heroine in a decidedly more humane light as she goes to war to protect the innocent. If this is your first one, you’ll be hooked for life on the toughest main character in thriller fiction today. Everything from dialogue to descriptions works to move a compelling story at a breakneck pace that will leave you breathless.

I received an advance reader copy of this book. I give the author five stars for this one – no surprise there, because it’s all good.