Review of ‘Pianist in a Bordello’

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Are American voters ready for completely honesty from politicians? The outcome of the 2016 presidential election would indicate that the answer is, NO!

In Pianist in a Bordello, author Mike C. Erickson explores this premise in a rollicking adventure featuring Richard Milhous Nixon Youngblood, a man who was born in a commune to a hippie mother and an absentee father who was also an enigmatic revolutionary. After his tumultuous childhood, including being kicked out of college for a political prank, Youngblood decides to enter politics. Unlike his fellow politicians, though, he decides to publish a ‘tell-all’ autobiography prior to the election. His campaign advisors are against it, and his mission is complicated by all the Amandas in his life, including a peripatetic journalist who gets herself kidnapped by terrorists, and a determined stalker who considers herself and Youngblood to be reincarnations of the real Pat and Tricky Dick Nixon, who are destined to be linked together in death.

Fictional, it offers a unique take on real-life historical and political events of our time that will make a reader pause and reflect. Sometimes, fiction is closer to the truth than most of us are comfortable admitting. After reading this book, some of the more bizarre events of current-day politics will actually make more sense.

I received a free copy of this book.

This one gets an easy five stars.

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