Day: October 3, 2017

Review of ‘Pianist in a Bordello’

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Are American voters ready for completely honesty from politicians? The outcome of the 2016 presidential election would indicate that the answer is, NO!

In Pianist in a Bordello, author Mike C. Erickson explores this premise in a rollicking adventure featuring Richard Milhous Nixon Youngblood, a man who was born in a commune to a hippie mother and an absentee father who was also an enigmatic revolutionary. After his tumultuous childhood, including being kicked out of college for a political prank, Youngblood decides to enter politics. Unlike his fellow politicians, though, he decides to publish a ‘tell-all’ autobiography prior to the election. His campaign advisors are against it, and his mission is complicated by all the Amandas in his life, including a peripatetic journalist who gets herself kidnapped by terrorists, and a determined stalker who considers herself and Youngblood to be reincarnations of the real Pat and Tricky Dick Nixon, who are destined to be linked together in death.

Fictional, it offers a unique take on real-life historical and political events of our time that will make a reader pause and reflect. Sometimes, fiction is closer to the truth than most of us are comfortable admitting. After reading this book, some of the more bizarre events of current-day politics will actually make more sense.

I received a free copy of this book.

This one gets an easy five stars.

Review of ‘Colorado Winter Moon’

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After his wife died, Sam Phillips gave up on love. He’s content to live alone in Peakview, Colorado with his dog, Marshall, and run his hardware store and law practice. Then, he meets Vickie Dalton, a widow, come to Peakview for her son’s wedding, and sparks fly. Can two people in the twilight years of their lives find true love? Read Jill Haymaker’s Colorado Winter Moon and find out.

Sam and Vickie go through a storm of changes in their lives as they draw closer together, separated by the eight-hour drive between their homes in Colorado and Wyoming, and Vickie’s obligations to her family. For fans of romance novels, this is a book that is different. No bodice-ripping love connection, but two people of mature years who find that love is not bound by a calendar.

The sixth book in the series, it will open your heart to new possibilities, and convert you into a fan of the genre.

I give it five stars.