Day: September 28, 2017

Review of ‘Ephemeral

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Ephemeral by best-selling author Addison Moore is, well, ephemeral. Laken Stewart remembers being on a road, driving madly, angry at her cheating boyfriend, then, the last thing she remembers is the headlights of the oncoming car, and kissing her windshield as she plows through it. Two months later, she finds herself . . . somewhere else, with a new name, and a new family—people she neither recognizes nor remembers, until Wesley, her long-dead first love, shows up, and tries to convince her that she’s been suffering amnesia as the result of a fall, and being in a medically induced coma for two months. Addison, though, remembers. She died on that highway, and has somehow been resurrected—or, has she?

What follows will keep you flipping pages, trying, along with Addison, to make sense of what’s happening. Is Wesley real, and has he also been resurrected and placed in a strange place, hundreds of miles from their home in Kansas? And, what is she to make of Cooper Flanders, son of the resident shrink, who says he believes her when she recounts her memories, while everyone else continues to maintain what she knows deep down inside is a fiction? Snatches of humor, as post-hormonal teens play out the drama that is the lot of teens everywhere, and stretches of outright horror as Addison contends with the zombies prowling the forest surrounding her new home.

The story ends in a cliffhanger of sorts, as Addison, Wes, and Cooper face off against hosts of warring angels and other mythical creatures, among which they must also count themselves. This is not mere escapist entertainment. Buried within the surrealistic scenes are gems of truth, and ferreting them out makes it worth the read.

I give Moore four stars for this entertaining read.