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When the people of their community of New Hanoi are massacred, Rome and Mae escape to the Kingdom to spread the word and get revenge. They are working against the clock, though, because the pollen the controllers use on the workers, when it wears off, causes them to die. With two weeks left to live, they must find allies to help them liberate their home, and save those who are left.

Stem by Aaron ‘A.D.’ Lamb is a dystopian post-apocalyptic novel that takes a different spin than others in the genre. First, the setting, rather than the industrialized world, is Southeast Asia, where the locals have survived the apocalypse, and are having to deal with Western refugees. The characters and setting possess colorful credibility, and the theme is just plausible. An enjoyable book, despite the gloomy theme.

The book had some serious formatting problems, especially in the last half. I give it three and a half stars.

One thought on “Review of ‘Stem’

    dancingpalmtrees said:
    September 15, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    Well That’s a Welcome Twist. Usually people of Color especially Black people never survive in Sci-Fi, Horror or Dystopian novels. Dang! Most of the time Black and Brown people are not even included or in the mix!!


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