Day: September 2, 2017

Review of ‘Not So Dead’

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Sam Sunborn, a technology entrepreneur, teams up with a descendant of Albert Einstein to create a program that allows them to digitize memories and personalities and store them on the Internet. When a determined terrorist, The Leopard, learns of their invention, he’s determined to get his hands on it in his quest to destroy the United States. With a team of nonconformists, a digitized ‘Einstein’, and a federal agent willing to bend the rules, Sam races against time to thwart the Leopard’s deadly plans.

Not So Dead by Charles Levin is a quirky novel, combining technology (real and imagined), politics, and terror in a literary thrill ride that’s every bit as exciting as a roller coaster with multiple hairpin turns and loops. The author weaves a fantastic tale that has enough real technology to be credible, and enough excitement for even the hardest action junkie.

The ending is not quite a cliff hanger, but sets the reader up for sequels nicely.

I give it five stars.