Review of ‘Someone Else’s Daughter’

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When Miranda Steele’s abusive husband stole her infant daughter, and put her up for adoption, the bottom dropped out of her life for a while. Then, she came back determined to never again be a victim, and to never need a man. She took odd jobs, learned self-defense, and developed physically, moving around the country in search of her missing child for thirteen years, until she came across a letter from a 13-year-old girl in a suburb of Atlanta who claimed to be adopted and ignored by her adoptive parents. Thinking this was the best lead she’d ever had in finding her Amy, Miranda heads for Buckhead, Georgia.

There, she meets Wade Parker, wealthy son of a real estate mogul, who broke family tradition by becoming a private investigator. When a 13-year-old girl is murdered, and Amanda is found near the body, she’s arrested under suspicion of committing the crime. Then Wade comes to her rescue, is impressed by her, and hires her as a trainee in his PI firm.

Sparks of all kinds fly between these two as they struggle to find out who is murdering 13-year-old girls in one of Atlanta’s richest suburbs, and Amanda feels that she’s close to finding her long-lost daughter.

Someone Else’s Daughter by Linsey Lanier is a spell-binding thriller with two loveable characters and a richly limned environment. The plotting is first-rate, keeping the reader on tenterhooks until the explosive climax.

You really need to read this one. I give it four stars.

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