Day: June 26, 2017

Review of ‘Saving Grace’

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Katie Connell is an attorney in a big Dallas law firm. After a particularly grueling case, she decides to get away to the island of St. Marcos and look into the suspicious deaths of her parents there. Once there, though, her addiction to Bloody Marys and a love life that is going sideways, lands her in hot water. She decides to buy a rundown haunted house in the rain forest, after she’s contacted by the spirit of the house. But then, her only friend on the island, Ava, is accused of murdering a local politician with whom she’s been having an affair. In her efforts to help her friend, Katie finds that she’s as much of a danger to herself as the island’s bad guys.

Saving Grace by Pamela Fagan Hutchins is an enjoyable mystery, with a touch of the paranormal, and a lot of hilarity as Katie bumbles and stumbles her way through life. The author has blended the supernatural into the story in such a way, one might think it’s just an alcohol-induced mirage. Katie is a well-meaning, but flawed (though not fatally) character who arouses mixed emotions. On the one hand, you want to slap some sense into her, but at the same time, you feel like taking her in your arms and comforting her, and assuring her that ‘tomorrow will be a better day.’

This one is a must-read for mystery fans. I give it five stars.