Day: June 25, 2017

Review of ‘The Hunted’

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LeeAnn is a CPA. Her life revolves around the certainty and reliability of numbers. Her business partner, on the other hand, is more flexible when it comes to numbers, and the law. She’s on her way to Miami to meet him. She likes the heat of the city, but it is soon to become even hotter.

Kane is a Hunter. But, his mission this time is to protect LeeAnn who is on someone’s hit list. What he hadn’t planned on was falling in love with her.

The Hunter by Jackie Ivie is part action, part humor (which I think is partly unintended, but nonetheless funny). It follows Kane and LeeAnn as they flee a hitman who has an abundance of resources at his command. Their escape, however, is greatly complicated by the growing physical and emotional attachment that is growing between them.

The story, in my humble opinion, ends a little abruptly, but I enjoyed reading it.

I give the author four stars for this one.