Day: June 14, 2017

Review of ‘Nothing New Under the Sun’

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Carter Devereux is an archeologist, and the more he studies the history of humanity, the more he’s convinced that ancient, more advanced civilizations once lived on the earth. Worse, he’s convinced that these people had knowledge of, and used, nuclear weapons. As evidence mounts that his suspicions are correct, the government calls upon him to find these ancient weapons of mass destruction before they fall into the wrong hands. Unknown to him, just such a pair of wrong hands is following his every move and trying to get one step ahead. The question is; can he succeed before those who would use these weapons to destroy civilization as we know it?

There is Nothing New Under the Sun by J.C. Ryan is a relatively well-written, tense thriller that, but for the fact that it ends with too many issues unresolved, would be a great read. The author has a masterful way with words, despite a tendency to stop the narrative flow to dump tons of historical and archeological information on the reader. To the author’s credit, this information is informative and interestingly written.

I am, unfortunately only able to give this book three and a half stars, though, because of the aforementioned (to me, at least) weaknesses.