Day: June 7, 2017

Review of ‘Codename Moneyman’

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The British SIS hires a recently discharged elite soldier for an elimination mission. He’s to go to Tenerife and kill a British citizen who is deemed a ‘threat to national security.’ Upon arrival, however, his contact in London informs that his true mission is to protect the man. He learns that Russian, Chinese, and British assassins, however, are determined to kill the man, and if necessary, him as well. It will take all the skills he has to survive, let alone accomplish his mission.

Codename: Moneyman by Mark Arundel is the first book in the Codename File Books series. It is a well-plotted story, with lots of action and intrigue, marred by the fact that the main character is never names—just referred to as an elite soldier. Given the number of times he has to show ID or interact with people who would want to know his name, not to mention his conversations with Charlotte Miller, his SIS contact in London, it’s incredible that his name is never used—not even once.

But for that one glitch (personal opinion) and a few too many typos this would be an easy five-star rating. Unfortunately, I can only give it three and a half stars, with the caveat that the author shows lots of promise, and I predict that the subsequent books will be better.