Review of ‘The Friday Edition’

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When reporter Samantha Church’s sister Robin plunges to her death the police rule it suicide, but Samantha is not convinced. She’s certain her sister was murdered. When she begins receiving strange text messages to that effect, she’s determined to find out who did it. Her sister, an assistant DA, was working on a big drug smuggling case, and Samantha’s convinced that’s why she was killed. But, in order to find the killer, she has to face a vicious drug cartel as well as her own addiction to alcohol, an addiction that has already cost her a job, her marriage, and loss of custody of her daughter. Determined to avenge her sister and rebuild her life, she sets out to conquer every demon in her path—but, the demons are close to home; hiding in plain sight.

The Friday Edition by Betta Ferrendelli is the first book in the Samantha Church mystery series. Featuring a heroine who is decidedly unheroic and almost fatally flawed, it moves along with the speed of an Indy racer and the force of an 18-wheeler to a stunning climax that you won’t have anticipated. While some of the police procedures seem a bit off, even for a small town, you’ll be so engrossed with Samantha and her challenges, you might not even notice.

A satisfying read.

I give it four stars.




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