Day: June 5, 2017

Review of ‘Bluegrass Undercover’

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Cade Davies, an ex-SF soldier, a science teacher and assistant football coach at the high school in his home town, is pressed into service as head coach when the incumbent resigns. Faced with having to learn how to be a head coach and rebuild the inexperienced team, he finds that some of his players are probably using performance enhancing drugs that endanger their lives.

Annie Blake is a buxom, gorgeous DEA agent with anger management issues, who is reassigned to work undercover in Keeneston, KY to bust the ring that’s selling this new, and highly dangerous drug. Before anyone accuses me of sexism, this description of Annie is important, because it plays a key part in the story that unfolds.

Cade and Annie meet when she steps between him and a student who’s about to take a swing at him, thinking he needs her to defend him. Their relationship takes a downhill turn from there, until they learn each other’s backgrounds—and, helped immeasurably by Cade’s family and everyone else in town determined to get him married off, along with his other (single) brothers. His mother despairs that his younger sister will be the first of her children to marry.

Along with this sometimes-hilarious matchmaking, Cade and Annie have to contend with a blood-thirsty drug gang that won’t hesitate to kill one or both of them to keep them from interfering with an extremely lucrative trade. Behind all this is a mysterious mastermind, who is even more bloodthirsty than the clumsy thugs sent to intimidate Cade and Annie.

By turns funny and scary, Bluegrass Undercover, book one in the Bluegrass Brothers series by Kathleen Brooks is a perfect book to read on a rainy day. When the weather’s gloomy, this is just the tonic you need to brighten your mood.

I give Brooks four stars for this one.