Day: May 26, 2017

Review of ‘Darkness Haunts’

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During her six years in the army, Melena Sanders faced her share of insurgents trying to kill her. But, out of the army and back in California as a student, she faces even greater dangers. When her best friend, Aniya, disappears while visiting Fairbanks, Alaska, Melena follows in an attempt to rescue her. Her problem; she is a human (or part-human) with a special gift, she’s a Sensor, a being with the ability to detect the supernaturals who walk among us, and is mostly impervious to their spells. Fairbanks is a supernatural haven, now under the control of a dangerous, power-hungry witch who follows her own rules, and who has Aniya under her control.

Darkness Haunts by Susan Illene is the author’s first book of supernatural, urban fantasy; introducing a strong, but ultimately flawed main character who has a strong sense of personal duty, the fighting skills of an Army Ranger, with her own personal angel of death, Lucas, a Nephilim, who dogs her every step. Although Lucas killed her guardian, Wanda, who was teaching her how to use her skills as a sensor, and has promised to kill her some day, he has an annoying tendency to show up and save her life at crucial moments, which leaves her dazed and confused.

Tight dialogue and riveting action greet the reader on almost every page, and the ending will leave you breathless. This is an author to watch for.

I give this debut novel five stars.