Day: May 25, 2017

Review of ‘Don’t Mess with Mrs. Sedgewick’

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Roberta Sedgewick is a widow, living with her late husband’s dog in a house that rattles. She decides that she and her three best friends and golfing buddies, also widows, should sell their houses and buy adjoining condos. Then, she talks them all into hiring the same maid—who turns around and blackmails them for their past crimes. In some cases, these crimes aren’t minor. One of them could go to jail. When criminals from the past start showing up, and their real estate agent turns up dead, the heat is on. But, widows they might be, they are not helpless. Roberta still has her husband’s gun collection, and some of her friends are willing to consider using them.

Don’t Mess with Mrs. Sedgewick by Marie F. Martin is a humorous, while at the same time a bit scary, mystery with four septuagenarian characters who you can’t help but love. An entertaining read, totally worth the effort.

It made me laugh. I give it four stars.