Day: May 24, 2017

Review of ‘Condemned’

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When Julian Mercer’s wife was brutally murdered, he became emotionally unbalanced and was forced to retire from the SAS. Now, working with his old SAS team, he’s a recovery specialist, tasked with retrieving kidnap victims safely.

In Chicago for a job that fell through, Mercer hears a woman’s scream. In an alley, he finds a young woman holding the body of a man who has been shot. Before he can explain his presence, the police arrive and arrest him because he’s armed. It gets sorted out, and later, a media magnate contacts him for a job—he’s the father of the young woman, and he wants to hire Mercer and his team to protect her. Mercer has concerns about the job, but takes it anyway.

The more he’s associated with the case, the more he knows that his client, the daughter, and just about everyone connected with the case, are withholding important information.

Plots, counterplots, and intrigue inhabit every page of Condemned by G.K. Parks. Well-plotted and full of action, this is a good read for a slow weekend.

I give it four stars.