Day: May 23, 2017

Review of ‘Dion: A Tale of the Highway’

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After a really weird dream, a man wakes up naked on a road in the middle of nowhere. There’s a car there with a note; drive straight along the road until the end, and then drive some more. Failure to do so will have harsh consequences.  He begins to drive, and when he makes an unscheduled stop, he learns that the consequences are indeed harsh.

Dion doesn’t know if he’s crazy or just having a crazy hallucination, and as he meets people along the way, things just get stranger.

Dion: A Tale of the Highway by Jonathan Maas is, well, I guess you have to call it experimental fiction. It’s a journey into the human mind, exploring the borders between good and evil, and between heaven and hell. It’s hard to follow in places, moves quite fast in others, and the author keeps you guessing until near the end when he finally identifies Dion—trust me, if you’re not paying real close attention, you’ll be surprised.

It’s an interesting read, but not a book you should expect to just zip through. I give it three and a half stars.