Day: May 10, 2017

Review of ‘The Hyperion Web’

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A shadowy organization, The Hyperion, launches a deadly attack on the United States. Unlike previous terrorist attacks, though, no one claims responsibility, or issues a public statement. The president is worried, because the effect of the attack is putting him in a position where he might have to resign and turn the Oval Office over to his vice president, a man whose politics is markedly different from his own.

He turns to ex-NFL player, ex-Special Forces soldier, Jack Crockett, now a one-eyed mercenary for hire, to find and punish the perpetrators. With the help of an intelligence agent he rescued from a group of thugs, and a behemoth of a former Marine, Jack dives into the murky waters of international terrorism, where he becomes the shark looking for prey.

The Hyperion Web by D.P. Mitchell is a tense, high-stakes drama set against the backdrop of international and domestic intrigue, high-tech warfare, and double dealing aplenty. This story has elements of The Manchurian Candidate and Rambo and is only marred, in my humble opinion, by the frequency of head hopping among the vast cast of characters. That won’t, however, keep you from enjoying it.

I give it four stars.


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