Review of ‘Lucky Break’

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It’s Christmas in Las Vegas, and everyone is happy. Lucky O’Toole is engaged to be married to Jean-Luc, the head chef in her new hotel, which is slated for opening. Life couldn’t be better. But, if there’s one thing Lucky can depend on, it’s that when things are looking good, trouble is lurking just around the corner.

Her ex-boyfriend, Teddy, is back, and he has problems, which only get worse when he’s found in Jean-Luc’s kitchen with a bloody knife in his hand, and the body of one of his competitors on the floor. Is he guilty? Lucky doesn’t think so, but she has to prove it. As if that’s not problem enough, she learns that her old nemesis is out of jail and looking for revenge.

Lucky Break by Deborah Coonts is another high-octane adventure featuring the unlikely heroine, Lucky O’Toole, with Sin City as the backdrop. The author keeps everyone, Lucky included, guessing for the first half of the book, and ducking for cover for the rest. One of the best books in this series, and one that you should definitely not miss.

I received this book as a gift. I give it five stars.


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