Day: May 2, 2017

Review of ‘Blood Warrior’

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Alexa Montgomery is not your regular 17-year-old. She has a quick temper, and in her school where she’s a junior, she has only two friends, her sister, Nelly, and Jackson, like her, an outlier. Her mother ‘trains’ her in fighting almost every day, in the roughest way imaginable, and insists that she and Nelly run to and from school every day. She understands none of this until their home is attacked by vampires, and she’s forced to flee with Nelly, leaving her mother to certain death.

During their escape, aided by Jack, Alexa learns that she’s the last of a race of supernatural warriors, people who possess the positive traits of nearly all other supernatural races, and she’d apparently the ‘chosen’ one whose destiny is to ‘save’ all the others. What this means, she has no idea, but she quickly discovers that she has abilities not possessed by others—she’s inhumanly fast, and capable of defeating fighters twice her size. Her problem, she’s not sure what she’s been ‘chosen,’ for, nor is she sure she wants this responsibility.

The more she learns, though, the more she is determined to ‘fix’ the world she knows, even if it means leaving those she loves behind.

Blood Warrior by H. D. Gordon is a pulse-tingling young adult fantasy. The graphic violence and blunt discussion of male-female relationships demand that parents exercise discretion about allowing young teens or pre-teens to read it; but it’s an entertaining story that will delight maturing and mature readers. I particularly liked the way the author integrated the supernatural world with the modern world in a way that is almost believable.

I give it four stars.