Day: April 30, 2017

Review of ‘Under the High Ground’

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Washington Post reporter, Paul Litic, continues to investigate the bombing death of his father, former editor of the Post—killed when Paul was just a kid. Now, he gets a call; a voice on the phone asking for a secret meeting, with the promise of answers to his questions. His brother, Al, President of the United States, goes to the meeting in Paul’s place, and is killed. Just hours after the murder, Paul is contacted by the FBI to travel to the scene of the private plane crash to verify that the remains of the pilot—who died from gunshot wounds, not the crash—are indeed those of the president.

Paul is then put on a collision course with destiny when the Chairman of the Joints of Staff, a long-time Washington power broker from a wealthy family, encourages him to investigate his brother’s murder, and provides him with a partner, an Australian counterterrorism and forensics specialist, who also happens to be drop-dead gorgeous. As the two dive deeper into the murky waters of Washington politics, sparks fly—and, they’re not all romantic.

Under the High Ground by Scott Michaels is a first-class thriller that peels the onion of power politics, exposing the stink that lies just beneath the surface. You’ll cheer the good guys; that is, if you can figure out who they are, and you’ll cheer when the bad guys get what’s coming to them. Yup, it’s that good.

I received a free copy of this book.

A solid five stars.