Day: April 29, 2017

Review of ‘The Thing Speaks for Itself’

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Rookie Diplomatic Security Special Agent Gracie Stratis and her veteran partner, senior Special Agent Charles Davis, are assigned to the Los Angeles field office, where they investigate passport and visa fraud and provide protective details to foreign VIPs visiting the city. Gracie is looking forward to a career of travel and adventure until assassins attempt to kill a Mexican official she and her colleagues are guarding, Davis is killed, and she’s severely injured.

Back home in Oakland, recuperating from her injuries, she reunites with her brother and friends, the only family she’s known for a long time. The long and difficult rehabilitation process is impeded by strange visions of smoke and fire, and messages from her dead father. Then, Noah, one of her friends who is employed by the mayor’s office on a special community development project, goes missing.

Gracie and her friends pull out all the stops, and start turning over rocks in search for Noah, in the process irritating some dangerous people, including a crooked businessman with visions of grandeur, and a drug dealer with a thing about people wearing shoes in his house. When she starts getting too close to the truth, political payoffs on a large scale, attempts are made on her life, and another of her friends is killed, which is a mistake for the bad guys—Gracie Stratis doesn’t like it when people hurt her friends. With help from a grizzled old PI, and her father’s . . . spirit, Grace kicks butt all over Oakland.

The Think Speaks for Itself by A.S.A. Purphy is a fun read. Tons of white-hot action and a female main character that makes Jason Bourne look like a wimp. Some of the events strain credulity; it’s unlikely that the Secretary of State would become involved in the hiring of a junior Diplomatic Security agent, for example, but that bit of literary license can be forgiven, because the reader’s taken on an entertaining ride.

I received a free copy of this book.   I give it four stars.