Day: April 28, 2017

Review of ‘Resurrection America’

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When his deputy, Manny Garcia made a frantic call and then went off the air, Sheriff Rick Johnson of Resurrection, Colorado, had a feeling that something was wrong. When he drove out to the old Resurrection Mine looking for Garcia, and found an impenetrable military grade fence and armed guards, led by a cold-eyed elderly man wearing a suit, he knew something was wrong.

When the man, Hank Keefer, told him his company, CZ Corporation, was planning to reopen the mine as a totally automated operation, and then offered him money to keep this fact secret from the townspeople for a few days, Rick accepted, but smelled a rat. On the day of Resurrection’s big town festival, with some two thousand visitors, Keefer tells Rick the truth, he’s been working on a secret weapon, and there’s been an accident and the people have all been exposed to a deadly virus, requiring that the town be quarantined by a highly armed force.

As things progress, Rick and his friends realize that something far worse than an accident has occurred—Keefer has a deadly plan that could spell the literal end of Resurrection. It’s left to Rick and his former lover, scientist Cassie Baker, to put a stop to it.

Resurrection America by Jeff Gunhus is a spine-chilling thriller of duplicity and the misuse of power, and shows how bad things can become when those in power are not held accountable. This one will make you think, and think hard.


I received an advance review copy of this book, which will be published in June 2017. I give it four stars.