Review of ‘Immortal Shadow’

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Jibbawak, a Shadic, rises from slave to become ruler of the planet Lan Dar. But, one planet is not enough for him. He wants to become an immortal ruler, so he runs Lan Dar with an iron fist in his quest. Then, resistance to his rule comes from an unlikely source, Adam, a teenager from Earth who has been transported through a portal to Lan Dar. Impressed with Adam’s knowledge of the science and technology of Earth, Jibbawak makes him his slave, and forces him to help increase Lan Dar’s technology. His aim; conquest of Earth and all the rest of the universe, and immortal life for himself. But, he should’ve been careful what he wished for.

Immortal Shadow by Anderson Atlas is the third book in the Heroes of Distant Planets series. It contains a lot of action that will appeal to young readers—although, some of the violence is quite intense. It was an interesting story, albeit somewhat predictable.

I give it three and a half stars.


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