Day: April 19, 2017

Review of ‘Positive Thinking’

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You are what you think. Too many people are bogged down in the swamp of negative thinking, and never seem to be able to see the positive side of life. With effort and practice, you can learn to refocus your thoughts and develop the habit of positive thinking.

Positive Thinking by George Ripley is a short book of tips to rid yourself of pessimism and get on the road to a more positive, fulfilling life. While I found many helpful hints in this book, the number of typos and grammatical errors (that could be eliminated with a better job of editing and proofreading) detract a bit from its overall value. It would also be helpful to know a bit more about the author’s credentials as an aid in assessing the validity of his claims. The quotes supporting his thesis were helpful.

With better editing and a display of credentials this could be a five-star book. Unfortunately, I’m only able to give it three stars.