Day: April 18, 2017

Review of ‘Hidden Agenda’

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When special operations soldier, Dan Roy, seconded to a super-secret black ops agency, stumbles across a secret cache of American weapons in Afghanistan while hunting a high-value target, he’s accused of working with the enemy. When people around him start to die, he discovers a plot to attack America where it hurts. Then, his best friend and mentor is killed, and, working with the dead man’s daughter, Dan sets out to thwart a plot that, if successful, could start World War III.

Hidden Agenda by Mick Bose is a fast-paced action thriller that pits one determined man against sinister forces with a deadly hidden agenda. The action starts white-hot from the beginning, and never lets up until the final pages. This could be a superior action novel, but for the many grammatical and typographical problems throughout. Even with the problems, it’s a fun story for action junkies.

I received a free copy of this book.

I give it three stars.