Review of ‘Psychology’

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When I downloaded this book, I thought I was purchasing Understanding Human Psychology by Kevin Jobson, but what came up on my Kindle was Psychology by Hezi Medina. After reading the downloaded book, and frankly, being somewhat disappointed, I went back to the Amazon page and ‘looked inside’ the advertised book. I found that, other than the title and author, they seemed to be the same, so I am left completely confused as to what happened.

Basically, the book starts off talking about psychology, but then spends the bulk of the contents discussing the subject of becoming a mentalist and performing mental parlor tricks. It does contain some gems of self-improvement and emotional control, but the problems with grammar and the typos tend to detract from its credibility. In addition, with no information provided about the author, I have no way of determining his credentials to address the subject.

The bottom line is that the book doesn’t live up to either title really. It does contain a few neat parlor tricks that could be used to entertain your friends and family, but I would be hesitant about recommending it as a read for anyone seriously wanting to understand human psychology.

Regrettably, I can only give this one two stars.

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