Day: April 7, 2017

Review of ‘White Out’

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Ex-military special operations soldier, Cole Samson, is a marine salvage operator. He and his team have been hired to explore a lake bed near the Arctic Circle for possible oil deposits. What they find instead is an old Soviet plane crash site, and an artifact that has frightening powers, powers that many in places, high and low, are willing to commit the most heinous crimes to take possession of.

Samson is arrayed against a geologist, who does consulting work for a big oil company, but who has higher aspirations, and a former Soviet army thug, now wildcatter, who is in thrall to a mysterious organization whose payment for failure is death.

White Out by T.N.M. Mykytiuk is a thriller set against the historical backdrop of the post-Cold War period, with futuristic technology too powerful for the barbaric men who seek to control it. The future of the world is in Samson’s hands, as, with the aid of a Russian intelligence operative, he faces almost impossible obstacles. The characters in this book are so real, one wonders if the author had intelligence dossiers at hand as he created them; the harsh and unforgiving environment of the Arctic will chill you, and the action is non-stop.

I received a free copy of this book.

I give this one four stars.