Day: February 11, 2017

Review of ‘An Empty Tree’

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Life is like people tossing pebbles into streams; the pebbles cause ripples that spread, and as they intersect with other ripples each life is changed. The ripples are neither good nor bad, the people might be good or bad, and how each life is changed depends upon the person.

An Empty Tree by Glenn Trust, book one in the Blue Eyes series, is a thriller that follows the lives of several people as their ripples intersect. A strange blue-eyed girl who meets a killer on the run, a divorced man from Georgia leaving his broken life behind to start anew in the west, and an Iowa highway patrolman who takes his job seriously; along with a diverse cast of supporting characters, their lives intersect in fateful ways that will leave the reader wondering about the nature of good and bad, and with the realization that nothing is ever what it seems at first glance.

The author has provided two endings to this chilling story; one as dark as a moonless night, and one that, while less dark, still leaves unanswered the question of the meaning of good or bad.

Each ending is satisfying in its own way, and which you prefer depends upon your unique view of life. Whether you stop reading after the first ending, or, if curiosity impels you to read the alternate ending, I can guarantee that you will enjoy this story.

Five stars!