Day: February 9, 2017

Review of ‘Russian Hill’

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FBI Agent Abby Kane works civil cases in the San Francisco field office, and is happy to no longer have to track down serial killers, her specialty when she worked in Hong Kong. But, when a fellow agent stumbles across the body of a young woman in Muir Woods with an axe in her chest, her boss assigns her to look into it. Then, SFPD gets a case that also looks like it could be the work of a serial killer, and she’s asked to consult with them and lend them the benefit of her expertise. Working with SFPD Detective Kyle Kang, Abby begins to realize that the cases might be connected.

She and Kyle find themselves on the trail of a duo of killers who not only kill for the thrill of it, but also seem to be playing some kind of macabre game. Their probing leads them to a network that appears to be orchestrating killings on a global scale.

Russian Hill by Ty Hutchinson is a thriller and police procedural combined in chilling action that pits the two against a cunning and deadly situation that could cost them their lives. The action is nonstop and will keep you on the edge of your chair from the beginning to the startling and bloody conclusion.

I received a free copy of this book.

This one is five stars!