Day: February 7, 2017

Review of ‘Loss of Reason’

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When a nuclear explosion destroys most of Manhattan, trapping their step-sister, Cynthia, and her family in the city, two step-brothers, Everon Student and Franklin Reveal set out on the impossible mission of getting into the city to rescue her.

Loss of Reason by Miles A. Maxwell chronicles their desperate efforts to overcome fear and the obstructionism of a frustrated and frustrating bureaucracy as they take unbelievable risks to get to Cynthia before it’s too late. The point of view changes often, as the author shows how people react to the destruction and terror, and struggle to survive against insurmountable odds.

The action is non-stop, and the tension (and terror) begins on a high-note, and continues to rise throughout this story of ‘what could happen.’ This is book one in a series, and it ends on, for me, a disappointing cliff hanger, which is about the only serious criticism I have about it. At the end, the author notes that the opening scenes in book two were originally the ending of Loss of Reason. I honestly think it would have been better to leave those last two chapters in, and then open the second book at the end of chapter two, but that’s just a personal view.

This is a non-stop read. Don’t even start it if you’re not prepared to hang in till the end, even with the cliff hanger.

I give it four stars.