Day: February 5, 2017

Review of ‘The Sleeping Spy’

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Eddie Mancuso formerly worked for the CIA and Vasily Borgneff for the KGB. The two were specialists in creating unusual killing devices (UKDs), which were used by their agencies for ‘special’ missions. Tired of their talents being used for murder, they decided to retire, but their agencies refused, so they decided to kill their way out. In the process, they had a falling out and Eddie left Vasily for dead—he thought.

Now, Eddie lives in his native New York under an assumed name and has fund a woman he can love, but his past catches up with him when the CIA gets word that there is a KGB sleeper agent in the U.S., and he’s part of a major planned Soviet propaganda operation. Eddie’s problem; the agent is his girlfriend’s father, and the man, after 35 years living as an American, he loves his adopted country and wants no part of the operation. That, of course, makes him a target of both country’s spy agencies, and only Eddie can save him and his family. Then, Eddie learns that Vasily survived and is after him for revenge.

The Sleeping Spy by Clifford Irving and Herbert Burkholz is a fascinating international thriller written in the 1960s style, before the breakup of the USSR, when the KGB was America’s number one enemy. Chocked full of double dealing and death dealing, this book will thrill fans of espionage novels a la Le Carre. The ending will hit you like a blow to the solar plexus and leave you breathless.

I give it four stars.