Red Amaryllis

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Red amaryllis, another of my wife’s favorite flowers. This was done in response to a special request from  her. She did this sketch from a photo. Technically pretty good, but the composition is too boring. So, I erased her drawing and did my interpretation. I have to confess, I don’t draw as well as she does (except cartoons or pencil portraits), but even she admits I have a better sense of composition. The next step was to put in the background. I didn’t go for realism here, but more impressionism. The sun, sky, and earth are hinted at rather than painted realistically. Next, I started putting in the stems and leaves. Then, I started working on the flowers. After they were blocked in, I did more work on stems and leaves. Working in highlights and shadows, and a little more color on the stems to make them look round. Some final highlights on the blossoms and I call it a day.

Source: Red Amaryllis


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