Day: February 2, 2017

Review of ‘Facade’

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Iris Reid, an architect, is asked to teach a special course on architecture at Harvard. There, she meets Xander DeWitt, a famous Dutch architect, who is also a guest lecturer. When DeWitt is implicated in the case of a young girl, a Cambridge student, but claims that he’s never met the girl before, Iris finds herself in the position of being able to give him an alibi for the time the girl went missing, but unsure if he’s actually innocent.

The more she learns about the case, and about Xander, the more confused she becomes. Is he, as he claims, being framed, or is he an accomplished child predator, using her to cover his crime?

Façade by Susan Cory is a finely-tuned cozy mystery, with a long list of suspects, plenty of red herrings, and a surprise ending that marks this author as someone to keep an eye on.

I give this one four stars.

Review of ‘Innerscape: Episode 3’

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The relationship between Miira Than and Jamie Watson, born out of their love of gaming, continues to grow. In Innerscape: Episode 3 by A.C. Flory, they find themselves inside an assassins’ game, but at the same time, pawns in a real-life battle that they might not survive.

This is a story that will appeal to game enthusiasts or those who are interested in artificial intelligence and virtual reality. It has a lot of suspense and characters who are relatively interesting. There are, for me, issues with spacing that interfere with the smooth flow of reading.

I give this episode three and a half stars.