Day: January 26, 2017

Review of ‘Redemption River’

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Hunter James left Mercy, Mississippi with a broken heart. To get away from the woman who betrayed him, he joined the army and became part of an elite task force, assigned to do the missions that needed to be done in the shadows. When a mission goes sideways, and he is injured and loses one of his team, he is sent home to convalesce. But, along with his R&R, he’s assigned a mission: find out who in Mercy is planning to supply arms to the terrorist he and his team has been tracking. In order to do so, though, he must reconnect with Evangeline Videl, the woman he left home to get away from. She is involved in the gun running, and his job is to get close to her to bring the ring down. The problems begin as soon as he sees her. He realizes that he still loves her. For her part, she thought he’d run away and deserted her, so she took up with the man who became Mercy’s mayor, only to discover that he had a dark, brutal side, and now he is threatening to destroy her family if she doesn’t do what she wants.

Hunter and Evangeline are forced to put aside their anger at each other and seek redemption. It’s the only they and their loved ones can survive.

Redemption River by Lindsay Cross is an interesting book. While some of the military action strains credibility, the Mississippi setting is extremely well done. Some of the action scenes get started well, and then are brought to abrupt conclusion, with more detail devoted to the physical encounters between Hunter and Evangeline.

This first book in the Men of Mercy series shows promise, and one can only hope that they will improve with each successive book. This one, though, I can only give three stars.