Review of ‘Past Aghast’

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After an emotionally wrenching experience in Iraq, army doctor Jack Bass is retired from the military, and takes a job as head of the department of anesthesiology of a southern university hospital. When two clinical specialists are brutally murdered, the chief of university police focuses on him as the main suspect. At the same time, a medical student who witnessed the murders is also targeted.

Past Aghast by Edwin Dasso is a gut-churning medical thriller that explores the effect of PTSD while at the same time presenting a tightly-written mystery as Bass copes with his debilitating condition and struggles to protect those he loves. At the same time, he must expose a dastardly plot that reaches high in the hospital hierarchy.

Even though the bad guys are pretty quickly identified, the author still manages to keep the suspense high with some pretty smartly-crafted action scenes This could turn into an interesting series should the author be so inclined.

I give this one four and a half stars.


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