Day: January 21, 2017

Review of ‘Sam’s Song’

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Cardiff-based private enquiry agent, Samantha ‘Sam’ Smith is, like many independent PI’s, struggling to make it. When she’s hired by the agent of a pop star to identify a stalker the star claims is hounding her, she takes the job only because she needs the money. Then, a muck-raking journalist who was also the pop star’s former lover is killed, and her current lover is the main suspect, she’s asked to prove him innocent. As if she doesn’t have enough problems, her abusive ex-husband pops back into her life.

Sam’s Song by Hannah Howe is a fast-paced mystery. It follows Sam as she gets caught up in high-level shenanigans that threaten her very life. Filled with pop culture references and earthy action, this is a fairly good page turner.

I received a free copy of this book.

I give it four stars.