Review of ‘Revolt of the Rats’

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Kahle Desireau and  Eli Steiner, two military veterans separated by seventy years and several wars; one acting out of love and the other out of desperation; are men whose lives are heading for a fateful intersection.

Kahle has the ability to see the auras of the dead and dying, and after service in Bosnia leaves the army and takes a dead end factory job to be near the woman he’s obsessed with. Eli, a veteran of World War I, has spent his life after the military helping others, but his family farm is threatened by the Great Depression.

What both men have in common is the will to survive.

Revolt of the Rats by Reed Bitzerman swings back and forth between the two as they struggle to cope with the mind-numbing effect of being part of the legion of ‘factory rats,’ workers consigned to jobs they hate with little future to look forward to.

The story is a bit confusing as it doesn’t make clear the eras the men exist in until very late, and some parts have been poorly edited, with uneven spacing of lines that are disturbing. The ending is also unresolved, leaving the reader to wonder what happens with Kahle and the love of his life.

I give this one three stars. It’s an ambitious effort; showing the individual against the system; but it could use better editing, and the unresolved ending left me a bit cold.


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