Day: January 17, 2017

Review of ‘Laying Ghosts’

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Selkie Moon is in a controlling relationship; her husband, Andrew, even has a tracking app on her phone to monitor where she goes when he’s not around, and almost forbids her leaving the house when he’s not with her. But, when she gets a text from a long-lost friend, ‘Help me at Crystal Cottage. Rina’ she ignores Andrew’s instructions. Her parting with Marina Palivanova, after a traumatic social event at Crystal Cottage that ended their long-time friendship, brings back memories of that dreadful evening. At the cottage, a storm leaves her isolated all night. The next morning, when rescuers arrive and assess the storm damage, they find a skeleton under an uprooted tree. Selkie fears that it is Rina, killed by Frank, her abusive lover, but the skeleton is male, which raises some interesting, but macabre, possibilities.

Laying Ghosts by Virginia King is a short prequel to the Selkie Moon mystery series that introduces a character with a trouble past, and stories that combine mystery with the mystic in a way that is sure to grab your attention. This little appetizer certainly whetted my appetite for the main course of the author’s next books.

Five stars.

Relics of the Cold War

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Vint Hill Farm, prior to WWII, was a working farm. But, when the owner informed a friend who was in the army that he could listen to German cab drivers on his shortwave radio, it became the center of our efforts to win WWII, and subsequently the home to our intelligence and reconnaissance efforts, including the NSA and the Army Security Agency. Vint Hill Farm Station was an active army base until the end of the Cold War when it was closed and turned over to local officials for development. While there has been lots of development of the area, some of the original military buildings still stand, though converted to new uses. The Bachelor Officer Quarters (BOQ) is now Vint Hill Inn, a quaint B&B and conference venue. The base theater now has live performances. The original Vint Hill farm barns, were converted to military use, and are now a winery and brewery. The smaller building at the right is a cafe, and the Cold War Museum is between it and the barns. The big white building was where recon film was processed. The Cold War Museum, home to many Cold War relics, is open for public tours on weekends. Some of the exhibits in the Museum.

Source: Relics of the Cold War