Day: January 16, 2017

Review of ‘Spider Silk’

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Sheriff Henry ‘Bud’ Blair has a cushy job; high-sheriff in a small town in Oregon’s high desert, his main task is to chase down cattle rustlers and deal with domestic disputes. When a local rancher is found dead near his barn, it’s treated as an accident, but when Bud examines the scene, and later sees the autopsy report, he knows it was no accident. Then another local, a man with a known hot temper, is arrested and confesses to the crime, Bud is suspicious. He’s certain that someone other than his prisoner is the actual murderer.

Spider Silk by Rod Collins is a neatly-done police procedural, with evocative descriptions of the lush countryside, and in-depth portrayals of the characters. The author keeps you in suspense as Bud and his department track down clue after clue until they get to the truth. A modern-day Western/Mystery that ranks among the very best I’ve read in a long time.

I give Collins five stars for this one.