Review of ‘In the Name of a Killer’

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When Ann Harris, an economics officer at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, is murdered, it complicates life for People’s Militia Colonel Dimitri Danilov, because her killing matches one he’s already investigating. When the Americans insist on providing ‘assistance,’ in the form of FBI Agent William Cowley of their Russia Desk, things get complicated for both men.

While tracking a serial killer, Cowley and Danilov must also navigate the murky waters of official corruption that is rampant in Moscow and political and bureaucratic machinations that is typical in Washington.

In the Name of a Killer is a fascinating look at US-Russian cooperation post-Cold War by acclaimed spy novelist Brian Freemantle. This riveting thriller bears the marks of detailed research and authenticity that are typical of Freemantle’s novels—except for his description of the U.S. State Department’s personnel and assignments system, which is way off the mark. That one small imperfection aside, this is a mesmerizing story that you won’t want to stop reading until the explosive, and totally unexpected conclusion.

Five stars!


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