Review of ‘Code Name: Kawaii’

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Kiki Claymore, granddaughter of a famous spy, is recruited to join Task Force 10, a group of female secret agents who are sent on the most dangerous missions. Resistant to authority, and lousy with weapons, she’s an unlikely recruit, and worse, there’s a mole in the organization exposing the task force’s operations to terrorist, and the other members of the team aren’t too thrilled with her presence.
Code Name: Kawaii by Shane O’Brien MacDonald is a pretty fast-paced action novel with not one, but ten strong female characters. A bit one-dimensional in many ways, but for fans of the action genre, they do what action heroes are supposed to do—they kick butt.
An interesting novel, with an interesting theme, but technically a bit flawed. First, the characters, Ridley, Kiki’s boyfriend, and Digby, her boss, are introduced in the same chapter by last name only, and not clearly differentiated, which caused me to have to turn back a few pages to sort them out. There are a few grammatical glitches: just one example, ‘only her and Ethel were,’ instead of only ‘she and Ethel were.’ Finally, while choppy prose is okay for fight and action scenes because it conveys action, the entire book is a bit choppy. There are places, for instance, when Kiki is meeting with her grandfather just before he’s killed, when a slower pace would have increased the impact of part where he’s killed.
I give the author high marks for coming up with an interesting theme, but I can only give him three stars for execution.


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