Day: January 4, 2017

An old abandoned barn

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When my wife and I collaborate, it’s not always the case that she does the preliminary sketch. Sometimes, she gives me an idea and then disappears into the innards of a shopping mall to let me create. ‘An old abandoned barn,’ grew out of her suggestion that I do a winter scene (I did a lighthouse on a snow-covered bluff that she liked, but that was the only winter scene I’ve done in years). I played around with the idea for weeks, and then decided that an old abandoned barn in the forest behind our house (the subject of many of my photographs) would make a good starting point. I also decided that it would be a good way to talk her through the technique of building a painting, so I photographed it in its various phases to use in my explanations to her. I thought I’d share it here to show how I ‘build’ a painting. This is the final painting. Phase 1: I didn’t do a preliminary sketch. Instead, I coated a canvas panel with liquid white, did an orange circle for a sun in a hazy sky, and then fluffed in dark clouds, trees in the far background, and a large, open, snow-covered field. Next the foliage and middle ground trees were sort of roughed in. And, finally, I roughed in the faded red barn. The white sparkles aren’t part of the painting. I work in my garage, and those are reflections from the overhead light off the wet paint. Details are added to the barn. More details added, in the clouds, on the barn and the middle- and fore- ground foliage, and indications of a trail beside the barn.

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Review of ‘Eternal Desires of a Succubus

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Mired in a 9 to 5 job, short, and a bit too curvy, Isabel’s only outlet involves visiting a local drinking establishment looking for a late-night hook-up. One night, she hits the trifecta, hooking up with two gorgeous men (one after the other). The next morning, though, she wakes up feeling strange, and looking even stranger—she has turned into a gorgeous woman, one that no man can resist.

Isabel learns that her gorgeous hunks of the previous evening were Oz, and angel, and Gavin, a vampire, and that her encounter has transformed her into a succubus, an immortal being who can control any man’s mind and desires. Then, she discovers that she’s caught in the middle of a war between angels and vampires over who will have ultimate control of hybrids like her.

Eternal Desires of a Succubus by Lucy Lyons is a bit of an erotic romance story laced with the supernatural. It gets off to an achingly slow start, plods along a bit, and then takes off like a NASCAR driver heading for the checkered flag.

Competently written, and the characters, after a blasé start, become mildly interesting. I didn’t particularly care for the cliff hanger ending, and the interesting action started too late and ended too soon for my taste.

I received a free copy of this book.

This one I give three stars.