Day: January 1, 2017

Review of ‘One in a Million’

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Kyle Fasano is a man who has it all, a loving family and a nice house, but he risks it all for a one-night fling with a young woman from his office. Plagued with guilt, and scared out of his wits when she tries to kill him the morning after, he flees, and encounters a strange man in gray who apparently has supernatural powers.

When the young woman’s body is found in a bloody puddle on the sidewalk outside the hotel, LAPD detective, Napoleon Villa, is assigned the case. He is a man plagued with his own demons, still haunted by the case of a serial killer he failed to stop.

The paths of these two torment men, one with everything to lose, and one with nothing to lose, cross in a chilling tale of love, mystery, and other-worldly madness, as the Gray Man sends Kyle on a mission of redemption—he must save his first love, Victoria, from going down the road he has already traveled, but he finds that the cost of redemption is high.

One in a Million by Tony Faggioli is a gripping tale that combines the supernatural with a compelling mystery as Napoleon tracks Kyle to the site of his final confrontation with his past. The ending will leave you in a state of shock, and with many unanswered questions. This one’s a real page-turner.

I received a free copy of this book.

I give the author four stars for this interesting opener to what promises to be a fascinating trilogy.